Country: Argentina
Product title: Elydian
Kind of product: Full-lenght CD
Release year: 2002
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records
Genre: programmatic instrumental rock
Line-up: Jacinto M. Corral (electric, acoustic and classic guitars, piano, keys, bass, cello, violin, midi drums and percissions)
        Ed Martinez (drums and programmings on 3, 7, 9, 12, 13)
        Victor Sanchez (percussion and chorus on 2, 4, 7, 13)
        Ariel Sanchez (clarinet on 2)
Tracks: 1. Act I - Elydian
       2. Act II - The Cost of the Tribute
       3. Act III - Growing Up With His Secret
       4. Act IV - Overlag
       5. Act V - Destruction & Desolation
       6. Act VI - Pains of the Soul
       7. Act VII - March Towards Elydian
       8. Act VIII - Walking Down the Streets
       9. Act IX - Dubiel
       10. Act X - Training & Preparations
       11. Act XI - Prelude
       12. Act XII - The Battle
       13. Act XIII - Final
Total time: 54:16

Review: Jacinto Corral composed most of this conceptual album, but I guess Hyacintus still is a real band and not a project. How can I describe best this album? Its music could fit a documentary or even a hystorical movie, programmatic instrumental rock is the best label for Hyacintus' music. It's not exceptional or incredible at all, but it's calm and relaxing with an optimistic perspective. There are some parts where you can think the guys are making mistakes in interpretation or that it's a jam session, but I think they are simply not so well worked out as the rest. Maybe some parts were done on a hurry, who knows? The best thing about this album is its variety and complex structures. On track "Overlag" there are some few vocals and choirs; I think more of them would do well. Good production; it deserves a try from your part.

Contact: hyacintus2002@hotmail.com